I’m going to Estonia

in a couple of weeks.  I know nothing about the country except that its name is cool and my sister’s best friend Courtney, who is half Estonian, is also cool.



It’s random that I’ve stumbled back into writing on April Fool’s Day.  I always manage to botch this holiday because I love pranks, but lack a proper awkward meter/social conscience.  Still, it’s an awesome day, and I love hearing about the shenanigans that people pull.  I also love the word shenanigan.

Here’s an article I read a few days ago that should have been a prank.  Mexico has distributed a pamphlet to government offices on how to avoid sexist language.

It discourages the use of phrases such as: “If you want to work, why did you have children,” and: “You are prettier when you keep quiet”.

It also advises against referring to women as possessions, as in phrases such as “Pedro’s woman”

Ah 2011.


This bird is amazing.