I’m into lists,

but I’m not a very listy person.  Listy people:  You know the type – you might even be the type – organized people who like to stay on top of their hectic schedules by creating and completing daily lists.  That’s not me.  I use lists as

1) a way to keep track of daydreams

2) an excuse to write

3) the means to make little boxes which I can then tick off

4) a way to visually break up visually stale blog posts (while lending them an air of importance)

5) is a good number of things on a list

Some current items on my mental list of things to accomplish during my free time include:

– studying Greek mythology

– compiling a cookbook

– learning two languages (Swedish and Korean)

– studying for the GRE

– editing movie projects

– writing my books

– completing my online TEFL course

– extensively photograph the Stockholm metro system

So really, despite my state of unemployment, I have a lot on my plate.  Technically.  The reality is I fritter away most of my time with a boy.  And when I’m with him I don’t really mind that my list isn’t being worked on.  I’d rather sit around and be unproductive together.  That’s the funny thing about boys.  They tend to trump lists.

Of course when we break up, I’ll be able to throw all of my unproductivity in his face: “It’s because of YOU that I never went to grad school and became a famous author!!!”  So it’s a win-win situation.  Pleasant now, useful later.  And, yes, he loves it when I talk about breaking up.


I would now like to point out that I refrained from posting this in LlamaFont.  Verbal affirmation please.

And hey, here’s an article about Feral Chickens.


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