Thor and My

are the names of my new students. “What kind of name is My?” you ask, after wondering why anyone would name their child Thor.  A Swedish one, apparently.  At least that’s what the kids told me after I obstinately insisted that “My” was not a name and would she please tell me her real one.  Oops.

But I have no regrets for my lack of civility – these children were little banshee devils.  And I say that as a person who has dealt with my share of wild children.  Of course it might not have been entirely their fault – the school stuck us in a room that was filled with music equipment, and really what 8-year-old boy wouldn’t glue himself to the giant drumset with the neverending supply of sticks?  Still, the shouting, cursing (their limited English consists of some colorful phrases.), and general shenanigans were over the top.  Dear Cee Lo, thanks for my new appreciation for the FCC.  love, Siobhan


In other news, I’ve continued with my fortune teller lessons.  We made them in class on Monday.  Unfortunately, the class happened to consist of a lot of kids who like to speak English but hate writing it.  One of them refused to write in fortunes, which meant that all of them decided to join the strike – except little Hannah who wrote hers in Swedish. So…what is a fortune teller without fortunes inside?  A little creature that eats paper.  Apparently.  I tried to get them to use their creatures to talk to each other in English.  Fail.

Finally I convinced them to write one fortune each.  I gave them the example of “You will get run over by elephants.”  They found this amusing, but Tristan had a better, simpler idea.  “You will die!”

“Everyone will die, Tristan.  That’s not an interesting fortune.”

“Hahahhahahhahahha!”  (he likes to laugh.)

Naturally, he went above and beyond and wrote his deadly prediction in all of the fortune slots.  “Die!”  I’m pretty excited to hear parent feedback on this one.


Here’s an article about the girl who holds the record for the lowest limbo.   And here’s the guy with the longest freestyle rap.  I would want some quality assurance on that one – I could definitely talk nonsense in a beat for hours on end.


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  1. Check the “Moomin” there my fave character is “Little My” perhaps also her mother was little My’s fan ;P .


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