It’s funny how

Americans are often loathe to attack someone on their own side of the political spectrum.  It makes sense on one level: If either the Democrat or Republican Party starts criticizing itself, there is potential for losing a united front and committing the greater evil of allowing the enemy to step in during the chaos.  Still, I cannot help but think that consistent re-evaluation is a positive practice.

I had a roommate at college – a conservative Christian college – who wrote an opinion piece criticizing several GOP policies.  I was the opinions editor of our student paper, and, after listening to one of her passionate political diatribes, I encouraged her to write it out for publication.  She got a few (unsurprisingly) negative replies, but the general response was more discouraging: silence.  Apathy.  It reminds me of an NYT piece I read recently.

So: people who are scared to dialogue, and people who don’t care enough to dialogue.  I don’t think a well-rounded person has to have a love for politics; a basic understanding will suffice.  But I do think that a well-rounded, thriving individual is someone who engages with the world and with the big questions.  And these questions are embedded in politics (as well as religion, philosophy, art, etc.).


On an awesome note, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and founder, has a new fixation:  Hunting what he eats. Fair enough though; he’s worth billions – all that money gives him plenty of time to ponder the basic tenets of reality.  Where our food comes from.


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