“Siobhan, it’s 6:20,”

Arielle's voice floats to my room, tired but urgent. I roll over.  "What?" A flashback of last night's conversation hits me: "My flight's at 7:40 am." "Okay.  Let's leave at 6:00 then." "How about we say 5:45 to give ourselves space?" "Sounds good." We agreed that we would put the phone alarm in the doorway... Continue Reading →

On Thurdsay I visited Dalarna

which is a province in Sweden about three hours north of Stockholm.  Dalarna is famous for attracting talented artisans, and for being the birthplace of the famous Swedish Dalahorses – traditional carved and hand-painted wooden horses (see photo.) The most common base color for these horses is the reddish orange shown in the photo, but... Continue Reading →

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