I blame my mother for my lack of willpower,

because she's naturally as skinny as an Olsen twin.    She passed on her skinny genes to me, which means that I grew up without the important lessons learned from dieting: delaying gratification, controlling willpower, and the weakness of the human flesh.  I never learned the small tricks that assist the willpower quest; objects out... Continue Reading →


While I applaud many of Sweden’s policies,

especially its  environmental activism(it was labeled the European Commission's "Greenest Capital"), I'm a little appalled at their totalitarian approach to children's education.  It is extremely difficult to get permission to homeschool a child in Sweden because the government believes that children need to be socialized and exposed to the same government-approved curriculum as everyone else.... Continue Reading →

Today I thought I'd check out Freckles.com you know, type in a site without being directed to it by an engine.  Found it kind of entertaining. And here is some other reading: Random (from PCmag.com) Average Cats Awful Library Books Fancy Fast Food LA Times Man attempts surgery on his hernia with a butter knife... Continue Reading →

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