Apparently there are some really weird people out there

who have opened extremely exclusive restaurants.

Chunkie’s Corner, in New York, chooses 19 random people to hover outside waiting for their food to be tossed at them in a weird driveby type experience.

4-Edge, an outdoorsy restaurant in Montana, requires passing a 30 page exam and following a map that leads to the restaurant.  (The trail to the restaurant includes quicksand and white water rafting).

To get into Me, in California, you have to write an essay on why you deserve to taste the divine cooking of the narcissistic head chef.  And you have to be really hot.

And on.

* The original article describing these restaurants was a piece of satire.

But here are some awesome, unusual restaurants that actually exist.

Bring Your Own Food: to a restaurant on King’s Island.  Pack your own dinner with your friends and then go eat it at the converted boathouse overlooking the wharf.

Finish Your Plate Or Pay. (And Don’t Come Back): In Australia, the chef is quite serious about food waste.  I think that this is a really, really awesome idea.  According to this article, 30-40% of food in the States is wasted.

Be Insulted By Your Waiter: at Dick’s Last Resort, where waiters are trained to be rude to you.

Eat in the Dark: Dans Le Noir (“In the Black”), is an international restaurant (London, Paris, Barcelona, NY) where patrons experience their meal in pitch blackness.  Basically you get to eat as though you are a blind person.

There is also a restaurant, which I haven’t been able to find, that serves all its courses in liquid form.  I’ll keep you posted.



6 thoughts on “Apparently there are some really weird people out there

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  1. weird. just stumbled upon this blog. i am fluent in hebrew and have a degree in print journalism. is this the weirdest coincidence that has happened to me, ever?


  2. wow hi i love this post, wandered into it via a nice article on my new fave site the daily meal.. looking forward to seeing what other interesting articles you have here…


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