Sweden is known for quite a few things,

these include:

– beautiful women

– a liberal, modern society

– neutrality

– dark winters and light summers

– Ikea

– H&M

– Tiger Woods’ ex-wife

And I’ve decided to share some lesser known facts with you today.  Just for kicks.

– Sweden has a 99% literacy rate.  Funnily enough, they start teaching reading later than in the States (around 1st grade). Also students graduate high school at the age of 19.  (CIA factbook)

– Sweden is supposedly the highest per capita consumer of loose candy in the world.  I couldn’t find anywhere to back this up, but I hear it often and it is on Wikipedia (sourceless).  This doesn’t surprise me – they have rows of loose candy in every foodstore, and children fill up bags with sweets every Saturday.

– A Swedish man – Martin Karl Sandberg – is behind all of American pop music.  Well that’s stretching it a bit, but he’s written everything from “I want it that way” and “Baby one more time” to “Since U been gone” and “Teenage Dream.”

– Sweden has zero tolerance for drunk driving (which explains the mess in the metros I suppose).  The BAC level you can drive with is .02; basically you cannot drive with one beer in your system.  They have random breathalizer test stops, and each time my parents have been pulled over here (in the middle of the day, not always for speeding), they have had to take a breathalizer test.  It’s pretty effective though – I couldn’t find a recent statistic, but a BBC article from 2004 had the rate at 150 deaths per year.  This isn’t anywhere near the States’ (adjustments and percentages taken into consideration).

Shortest man in the world, longest legs in the world.


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