There is this website my sister likes called

“Letters to Crushes” and it is a bit cheesy.  It’s basically a place where you can send love notes to the crush you wouldn’t dare talk to in person.  Unsurprisingly, it consists of lots of high schoolers and nerds.  The nerds usually have the best letters, and I will share some with you here.

“We’re like sine and cosine functions.

Oscillating constantly, sometimes adding, sometimes crossing,  sometimes canceling out

Never sure on which side we stand

Made from the same pattern, but never quite in phase.”


“When we become Facebook Official, I expect the word “finally” to be in at least one comment. “


“…Every word you give me is like a quantum of ultraviolet. But I’m outside of the convergence limit, and you’re dropping further away to the nucleus.

Every physical phenomenon reminds me of you. But my infatuation with you is a force, a vector directed at you, and it’s pushing you away. (I miss you.)”


“You poked me with a pen to ask for a pen.”


“I certainly hope kissing is allowed in libraries.”


“you know about science,
and politics,
and math

and I know about literature,
and history

and you’re a sculptor
and I’m a painter

we’ll be a complete education”

Alright I’m done for now.  People are so cute when they’re in love.  And, as it turns out, people resemble ENFPs when they are in love.  I’m an ENFP ∴ I’m cute all the time.


And check out this trailer…America is beyond disturbing sometimes.

Dive! Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “There is this website my sister likes called

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  1. Hello! I am from the Seattle area ~ enjoying your posts. I live in Stockholm now, making custom stuffed animals for sale. This video makes me think a bit about all the second-hand goods you can get in the states. You don’t really see it as much here (especially for cheap). Are you disturbed by the people jumping into the bins or all the waste in the states?


  2. Hi! Glad you stopped by:) So cool that you’re making custom animals – and kind of random.

    Yeah I miss second hand stuff and just cheap stuff. One of your entries talks about how expensive Stockholm is, and it’s so true. I think it’s mostly just the taxes; all the businesses have to pay taxes on their sales items so they have to raise prices.

    I was disturbed by all the waste. The dumpster diving looked fun. Haha, but I guess I’m a bit of a hippie sometimes.


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