Sometimes the internet just doesn’t cut it.

As wonderful a bastion of knowledge that it is – it still doesn’t provide easy access to some important information. I partly blame Google’s search algorithms because results are stacked in order of most viewed, which, occasionally is really useless because of the proletariat tendency to hover on sites like Yahoo!Questions and gossip sites. No, I don’t want the lay person’s opinion on how to fix my ear ache. Where are the stats behind your anecdotes? Also, as much as I love Wikipedia (and I do), the majority of its pages lack citations, statistics, and depth. Unless it’s about a celebrity. Stalkers do their homework.

I know there are ways to optimize my searching, and sites I can pay to join that have academic research backing up facts. I guess I just want more. Especially from government agencies.

But I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy. So here is a list of things that the internet is useful for:

– free articles from reputable newspapers

– free entertainment (television shows, movies). In Sweden we can’t use Hulu, so I generally use

– endless recipes and cooking advice

– funny cat photos with captions

-Google images

creepiest photo in the world?


(Guiness Book of World Records)

This is Giant George, the world’s tallest dog.  On his hind legs, he’s 7’3.  He has his own queen-sized bed.  He’s from Tucson, Arizona (go Wildcats!).


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