A naked man was bathing himself

in the lake along Djurgården today.  The nude sighting (my first in Stockholm – actually my first ever), recalled to my mind the olden days, where bathing often took place in lakes.  I only saw the back of him as he stood pouring buckets of water over himself, and I have to admit there is something to be said for no tan lines.

Naturally this sighting occurred as I was taking a two and three year old for a walk.  Ree didn’t notice, but Benny stared until I dragged him forward and pointed out a duck.  In a three year old’s mind, fascination with ducks ≥ fascination with naked bodies.

I have come to the conclusion that two year olds are the most adorable creatures in the world because otherwise we would abandon them to their tantrums.

And here’s another stalker photo I am fond of.


2 thoughts on “A naked man was bathing himself

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  1. Laila! you’re amazing, hahaha. Yeah I’m trying to start blogging more. I need more life updates from you, but I think I probably owe you some. Although you have my blog so that’s like cheating because I only have your tumblr and that’s ambiguous like none other


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