I always thought it would be cool to go into advertising

because its an industry that encourages creativity, humor and originality.  For example, a Nike commercial that took real footage of an enthusiastic streaker at a football (soccer) game and turned it into a shoe commercial.  I like this streaker because he is enjoying himself so fully.  And he’s so persistent…and is wearing a great scarf.  “That’s an image that will be burned onto my retina.”

Awesome.  Watch it.

I recently watched a video with a bunch of lame pick up lines which were interspersed by a few gems, including the following:

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Miley?”

and the slightly different, bolder:

“Have babies with me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Miley?”


I’m also doing wonderfully productive things with my time.  But, like in a film or novel where they don’t show the characters sleeping or using the restroom, I don’t think those life details will have great appeal.

I did get to explain the difference between fun and funny to a Swedish man recently.  Swedes have difficulty with these words because they have one word, rolig, which means both fun and funny in Swedish.  The problem is, fun and funny are related enough to almost make sense when interchanged, which I’m assuming is why most English teachers don’t nip this in the bud.

For example:  “Carl, how was the party on Saturday?”

“Oh, I had a great time.  It was so funny!”

Yes.  It could have been hilarious.  But from context (and body/facial cues), he probably meant enjoyable.  Swedes got the bad end of the deal on this one – I’d much rather learn a language with less words and hope that the word I used has at least one applicable meaning.

Back to my mini “fun/funny” lesson (which was, naturally, both fun and funny): I had a difficult time explaining the difference, for the same reason that they have a difficult time discerning one – many funny situations are also fun.  Also, I laugh too much.

Therefore my explanation went something like this:

“Funny is like haha.  Funny.”

“OK.  And what’s fun?”

“Fun is…when you’re enjoying yourself.  Like haha, this is fun!”

“???  So if I say you are a fun person…”

“I am a fun person!”

“Do I mean you make me laugh?”

“No.  Well you might.  I’m funny!”


Yes.  His confusion (as well as looking at this conversation in retrospect) makes me question my choice of temporary career.  Teaching English is possibly not the best route for someone as dimensionally challenged as I am.  I don’t think that’s a term.  But basically, I’m usually on a different plane than people I’m interacting with.  Not ahead or behind – just removed.

I also probably shouldn’t be an English teacher because I resort to coining my own phrases instead of using one of hundreds of thousands of words available.


4 thoughts on “I always thought it would be cool to go into advertising

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  1. mwaaahaha. So true! They mix up the fun and funny 😀
    Yup it is difficult explaining stuff to people. I find myself using the tone of my voice to somehow get the meaning out… or acting. But you’re right, in then end you have to use more words :S I have a teacher friend and she explains words so well to people. Only prob is, I feel it sounds so dry. But they get it, and all my facial expressions and gestures would never do the same trick…. teachers…
    We don’t have the same body language I guess.


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