There have been a couple awkward moments I’ve experienced in the last couple weeks

and I’d like to share them here, to see if anybody has a solution for these situations.

The first seems to be fairly common: The accidental one-on-one.   In a group social situation, you begin a story, but at the same time most of the group gets distracted by something (maybe someone else has started talking), and only one person is left hanging onto your words.  What is the protocol here?  Do you continue talking as though you’re addressing the entire group, or do you zone in on the person next to you and turn it into a one-on-one conversation?  But what if it isn’t one-on-one conversation material?  Do you change it up?  OR, alternatively, do you smile at the person, trail off, and join in with the rest of the group?

The reverse situation is also awkward – the person next to you starts speaking and you hear them but no-one else is paying attention.  Do you turn and listen to them and draw attention to their audience of one, or do you let them trail out and pretend nobody noticed?

And awkward moment number two, less common but equally difficult to handle: The unfortunate celebrity resemblance.  This happens when you’ve recently met somebody, and something about them reminds you of someone.  Initially you aren’t sure if it’s someone you’ve known (that quiet kid in science class), or an actual celebrity.  If you, like me, are of the sharing ilk, you let this person know that they remind you of someone.  This situation becomes awkward when, after an evening of staring and trying to figure out the resemblance, it suddenly hits you, and you exclaim something along the lines of: “Oh! I know who it is.”  Unfortunately, you announce this before you realize that the celebrity he/she resembles is Charlie Sheen, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), or another celebrity who isn’t known for having a pleasing personality/face.  (Note: I think Lea Michele is really pretty, but her character tends to be…overbearing). 

I have an absolutely gorgeous friend who has an undeniable similarity (appearance-wise) to Sarah Jessica Parker.  She hates hearing this.  So my question: do you tell the person who the person they remind you of is?  (Assuming you’ve already told them that they remind you of someone.)  Do you lie and come up with another, hotter celebrity?  Or do you say something along the lines of “You remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker gone right”?


Here’s an opinion about young, college grad unemployment from The Economist.

A thoughtful Modern Love piece about our generation’s idea of courtship.

And a bit about how children’s books aren’t going out of style.

None of these articles are jaw dropping, but I found the love story thought provoking, and the other two are interesting.


7 thoughts on “There have been a couple awkward moments I’ve experienced in the last couple weeks

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  1. So i think in situation of you talking and everyone stops listening, that means you should stop talking, because obviously your story is boring and that one person who is still listening feels sorry for you.
    In the situation of you listening… well… you’re the person who’s feeling bad, so unfortunately you have a choice of listening and being nice or being mean… I choose based on how boring the story is.
    miss you.


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