“The good thing is, if you like one of us,

there are lots of us.”  Or so my younger brother said.  He was, of course, referring to our amply populated immediate family: six siblings.  And since you ask; no, we aren’t Catholic, Mormon, or hoping for a reality show contract.  Basically, my dad wanted 12 children and my mom met him halfway.  That’s their story anyways.  You can tell which of them was the one carrying/ pushing goblins out of their body and which was doing the cheering.

During my mother’s first pregnancy, she took a Lamaze class, but viewed it as more of a Swedish immersion course than a pregnancy preparation. This led to the unfortunate result of not mastering her contractions/breathing during labor, and demanding the drugs she had sworn not to take.  Thus my older brother was the only one of us born with the assistance of modern medicine.


I somewhat obsessively read the New York Times’ Modern Love Stories.  This means I have waded through them for you.  Here are three good ones:

1) Somewhere Inside, A Path to Empathy.  The effect of Asperger’s syndrome on a marriage.

2) Sometimes, It’s Not You. Finding love at 39.

3) A Love for the Ages, but Which One? A story of young love.  Really well written.


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