I was by far the whitest person at Koh Samet,

a small island four hours from Bangkok.  Of course, I am often the whitest person in any given situation (thanks Irish-Scottish heritage), so that description is hardly helpful.  Basically the island was consumed by tourists in shades of beige to mahogany.  If you were filling them in a coloring book, you would be using oranges, reds and browns, and you wouldn’t be pressing lightly.

My friend Natalia who took me to the island is in a dontwanttobealeatheryoldlady phase, which meant that we spent our days slathered in sunscreen, wearing sunglasses (and a hat), and sitting in the shade.  This ensured that my freckleswillonedaymashtogetherinmassiveglorioustan plan was thwarted and we remained the two whitest inhabitants of the island.  She used to be quite a fun little sun bunny too.

Naturally, the first fellow to approach and offer us drinks was a drunk Swede.  I remove myself 20+ hours and multiple countries away from the tundra dwellers, but they still manage to find me.  I told him I was also Swedish and used my extensive “Jag bor i Stockholm” type vocabulary on him.  This confused him.  He asked where we were really from and we said California.  He thought it would be hilarious to insist that we were from Ohio, until we started referring to him as Norway (yes, we’re clever).


More on Thailand later.  I’ll leave you with this video:

Also, check out some of the paintings at the Museum of Bad Art. 



3 thoughts on “I was by far the whitest person at Koh Samet,

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  1. You’re going to have a ton of fun Emma Cole!
    Arggg I know I want to do more entries on it Natty, but most of it was too lovely: “and then we lay down as vendors brought us fresh fruit.” 🙂 Maybe I’ll do some more…


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