I am probably somewhere on your pet peeve list.

Reasons why I am probably somewhere on your pet peeve list:

– I randomly sing in public places, even though singing is one of my nongifts.

– I frequently wear mismatched socks.

– I interrupt my own stories, and I have a loud shrill laugh.

– I wear brown with black. (Well I think I do.  I find it hard to pay attention to that sometimes.)

– I will listen to your detailed story about your horrible awful boss and then try to defend her/him in some way (maybe he had three hours of sleep?).

– I’m a bad hugger.

– I’m terrible at keeping in touch.

– I will correct your grammar even though mine isn’t perfect.

– I like Justin Bieber.

– I overuse parentheses.

Etc.  (This list could be a lot longer, but you get the idea).

BUT, the one thing I have never done is: clipped my fingernails on a crowded metro.  I haven’t done this, however, I’ve sat across from a man who decided  – sans bag – that this bit of grooming couldn’t wait for a public restroom. OK, so public restrooms in Sweden cost about $1.50 – he still could have waited until he was outside to flick his bits of dirty, hardened human skin/cartilage/whatevernailsaremadeof into the air.  (Yes, science is another of my nongifts).  I’m seriously not that uptight about nail clipping: I’ve only recently begun to care if they make it into the trash (I told you I’m on your pet peeve list), but this seemed a little extreme.  Maybe all of my Dear Prudence reading has made me more sensitive to social nonos.  I was shocked to read on Dear Prudence comments that a person touching up makeup on public transit was considered rude.  But makeup application doesn’t involve flinging discarded body bits at your seatmate. (He wasn’t being careful). So if that’s not OK, neither is this.


5 thoughts on “I am probably somewhere on your pet peeve list.

Add yours

  1. Ewwwww!!! I’ve totally seen someone doing that on the subway here in NYC. Ugh, disgusting!! And I’ve also heard that touching up makeup in public is rude, but I don’t really understand why.


  2. Right? I mean makeup might not be advisable because it will smudge, but it’s not such a horrible sight to look at. I’ve definitely put deodorant on in public (airports)…


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