I know an absurd amount of guys/men who claim

they don’t like makeup on a girl. My (girl) friends and I have discussed this phenomenon frequently. Did they not have a mother/sisters growing up? Have they not seen the “celebrity with no makeup” photos in Gossip magazines? How do they not understand the difference between no makeup and natural looking makeup?  Because what they actually mean when they say they prefer girls without makeup is either:

1) Girls with natural looking makeup. (Ie. makeup that reflects the wearer’s natural colors and enhances without looking like paint)

or possibly

2) That one occasional perfect girl with the naturally flawless skin, long dark eyelashes, and rosy lips.

While I doubt any guy would turn down a 2), I’d bet most of the time when they say they prefer makeup-free girls, they mean 1), because 2)’s really don’t pop up too often (and when they do, they usually wear some sort of makeup which makes them even hotter). I understand what they are saying though, and I agree – a natural look is more appealing.

A few anecdotes about makeup:

My sister and I were talking about this with our boyfriends who have both claimed they prefer girls to not wear makeup. I announced that Mr. Marx (my sister’s bf) had no idea what a makeupless face even looked like. He pointed at my sister, who indeed was not wearing any makeup. It looked like he won that battle until my sister said, “Yes, but the only times you tell me I look beautiful are when I’m made up and dressed cute.”  (For the record, my sister is adorable with or without makeup.)

I have several times had conversations with someone who told me they prefer girls without makeup, “like you.” (Me.) They have said this while I was wearing more makeup than my everyday stuff (ie. I was wearing eyeliner, mascara, foundation, eyeliner).

A friend of mine from college who is a hottie landed a commercial gig (I told you she’s a hottie).  One of the scenes was a morning scene where she was supposed to be waking up and the director was adamant that she wear no makeup in order to contrast with a scene where she is fully made up.  She told him he didn’t understand what that would look like and that he really probably wanted her to wear light makeup. He insisted that it needed to be authentic and that she couldn’t wear any.  Fine, she said, and decided to give him what he wanted. She arrived to the shoot the next day completely makeupless – except a little concealer under her eyes. He was taken aback. The conversation went something like this:

Director: Hmmm.  Well maybe you can put on a bit of that…you know face stuff?

Hottie: Some foundation?

Director: Yeah, just to smooth things out a bit.  And maybe use some of that powder stuff?

Hottie: A little face powder?

Director: Sure.

Hottie: So maybe you did want me to wear makeup after all?


OK, I’m not complaining about guys here. It’s sweet that many of them prefer a natural look even if they don’t understand how much effort is put into looking that natural.  Also, I’m really the wrong person to write about this as some days I really don’t wear any makeup. But when I don’t, I look tired and I don’t feel as attractive.  When you stop wearing makeup you get the “Are you feeling well? You look tired” comments.

The fabulous Dove video:


My next list concerns the things I’ve been belatedly finding out about my boyfriend. I’m compiling them here, so that he can make a handy dandy printout for his post-me prospects.

Things my boyfriend should have told me before we started dating. Part 1.

1) He doesn’t drink warm/hot drinks. As in, no coffee or tea. As in, we live in Scandinavia and can never sit next to a fire with mugs of hot chocolate heaped with mini marshmellows. (As far as I know, that’s already impossible here because they don’t sell mini marshmellows. Count your blessings people.)

2) He doesn’t dance. Right, I know there are plenty of guys who “don’t dance” but they still find their two moves and repeat them while swaying next to anyone who looks interested.  He had some sort of traumatizing high school experience learning to salsa in gym class, and now he won’t try. This means that if I want to learn swing or salsa, I’m stuck with the dodgy partners.

3) He won’t sing karaoke. It’s karaoke. You’re supposed to be bad.

4) He doesn’t like sushi. I know I know, lots of people don’t. But please keep in mind that he grew up in Asia and therefore I made a minor assumption in this area. Sweden happens to be the home of my sushi groove, where I have painstakingly learned how to make it.  He watches and then eats a burger.

5) I can’t think of a 5th right now, but 5 is a good number for a list.


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