I leave for Korea on Tuesday, and have been packing

since Friday (yesterday). I have never, ever started packing so early, unless you count our family moves when packers emptied our house a few weeks before we actually left, leaving us to wander in huge, echoey spaces. Who knew that our house was so big and unfamiliar when stripped of our junk?

Still, my personal moves have always been last minute, all nighter affairs. This time I was determined to be different.  I wanted to be organized, space efficient, and well thought out.  So I hatched the master plan: A detailed list of every item I’m packing and where to find said item.  No matter that when I dump everything out on the other end it won’t matter what was in each bag. I’m in control. If I’m overweight at the airport, I can consult my list and figure out how to switch heavy items around so that everything weighs the appropriate number. (OK and how many times has someone told you about their upcoming flight and said “I hope I’m not overweight” and it throws you for a second because you momentarily think they’re referring to their person?)

Anyways, I’m currently rethinking my master plan as it has slowed me down considerably. Cryptically writing every item down (eg. maroon leg warmers Hannah gave me big suitcase) is time consuming and allows for other distractions.

Things I have been doing during my designated packing hours

1) Eating.

2) Blogging. (Hello!)

3) Trying to reteach myself the Rubik’s cube. (apparently it’s not one of those “solve once solve anytime” things).

4) Getting fascinated at my Rubik’s cube muscle memory – if I force myself to not think, my hands take over and do the patterns. I can do this with old piano songs I used to know. Very cool.

5) Then getting frustrated because my muscle memory (and normal memory) fails at the final stage and if you mess the final stage of the Rubik’s cube, you have to start from the beginning because it’s a horrible silly colored stickered box thing that taunts people.

6) Having fika with friends.

7) Reading off the list of what I’ve packed so far to my boyfriend. (Wooden butter knife, giant Swedish flag, blue dangly earrings, green dangly earrings, blue stud earrings, dangly circle earrings from Emma, celtic earrings, etc.)

8) Searching two different Lindex stores for a replacement pair of my awesome red mittens, one of which I lost on a cruise to Finland last weekend (which I should probably blog about sometime) (the cruise, not the mittens) (although the mittens were pretty awesome and sort of sentimental so maybe I’ll post a picture).

9) Helping my brother with GRE math studies.

10) Painting my toes. Actually I only painted one toe (the big one on the right) because I sadly ran out of my Sally Hensen chrome nail polish that has been so good to me for the past 5+ years.

the last time I saw my right red mitten


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