Wednesday was White Day,

a holiday name which probably wouldn’t fly in the States, but is alive and kicking in Korea.  White day is a day to celebrate love. According to Young Rak, it’s called White Day because the candies you traditionally give are white. Wikipedia (sort of) backs him up on this – apparently White Day was originally marketed around marshmellow giving (I can’t make this stuff up).

Basically White Day is celebrated because Valentine’s Day in Korea is not a day of mutual giving – it’s a celebration in which women give (traditionally) chocolate to men.  Therefore, a month later (March 14) it is time for the women to receive (traditionally) candy in return. Naturally the gift giving has escalated and many couples give more expensive gifts to each other (a la Valentine’s Day in the States).

Here’s the kicker: April 14, a month after White Day, is Black Day wherein all the people who were excluded from V-Day and White Day get to have their day. Yes, Black Day is a celebration for single people in which they get together, wear dark clothing, and eat noodles with black bean sauce.

So, essentially, what takes one day in America – man gives gifts, woman gives gifts, single people have their own S.A.D. parties – takes three months in Korea.  Well why not? Teachers score in any case – I received various candies from my students even though I’d only been working a week.

Gentlemen: the best way to navigate dating in Korea is to break up a couple of weeks after Valentine’s Day, avoid White Day, and join your fellow singletons on Black Day.

Ladies: your best path would be to get together after Valentine’s Day, receive your White Day gifts, and break up in time for Black Day.

And, as a subject appropriate topic, here is the continued list of things my boyfriend and I have argued about.

Things my boyfriend and I have argued about: Part 4

1) Who is the better sleeper.

I happen to be an excellent sleeper. It’s a skill that I wish I could make money for – if you happen to know any paying sleep studies in Korea, let me know. I drop off instantly. I can sleep through loud noises. I can sleep with lights on. I can sleep on airplanes. I can sleep late on weekends even though my body is used to getting up at 6:30. Basically I’m good.  My boyfriend thinks he’s better, in spite of having occasional restless nights and difficulty sleeping through noises. I actually don’t remember what his arguments were in his favor. I think he was just being belligerent.

2) Whether you can “go tanning” indoors through an open window.

3) Taylor Swift.  One of us happens to think she is wonderful, while the other thinks John Mayer is superior in spite of being read the lyrics to “Dear John,” and having the meaning and depth explained.

4) Who has the better immune system.  He gets sick more often, but my colds linger.


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