Siobhan! Why haven’t you been blogging?

Well…actually I have.  I have a new blog.

BUT WAIT.  I’m not killing this one off.  I’m hoping the other one will be more travelly and this one can be more…other stuff.  You see, I’m quite attached to this one, but I wasn’t able to lay it out how I wanted…

In the meantime, have fun trying to keep up with both of these. I think I will use the other more.  Thanks, as always, for reading.  Stay classy.


3 thoughts on “Siobhan! Why haven’t you been blogging?

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  1. Seriously, Siobhan, with all the blogs?? You’re killin’ me! Your methods are in direct opposition to the simplicity I strive for in my life. But you’re worth it. Sigh.


  2. I’m sorry! I know. I don’t mean to be like this. I was born this way.

    I just like the layout of my new one so much better and I couldn’t do it on here without paying. (Or I didn’t know how to…)


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