“Do you have a baby in your tummy?”

Four (and a half!)-year-old Tim asked me curiously.  He and younger brother Teddy were looking at me intently.  I resisted the urge to glance down at my shirt to see if my stomach was pooching through. "No," I replied smiling. "But...but...but...Do you?" "No," I replied, with a weaker smile.  (But I'll never wear this shirt... Continue Reading →

“Once there was a king called Teddy and a pirate called Tim” –

"No!  The king is Tim and the pirate is Teddy!" Tim interjected, sitting up in bed. "Right.  One day King Tim saw the Ice King –" "And – and that's Shebon.  The Ice King is you!" came the agitated voice. "OK.  The ice queen started chasing King Tim.  She wanted him to go to bed,... Continue Reading →

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