There have been a couple awkward moments I’ve experienced in the last couple weeks

and I'd like to share them here, to see if anybody has a solution for these situations. The first seems to be fairly common: The accidental one-on-one.   In a group social situation, you begin a story, but at the same time most of the group gets distracted by something (maybe someone else has started... Continue Reading →


This blog is in no way meant to be a cooking blog.

                                                                                                        My toffee! Mostly because I'm a spastic cook.  But today I cannot resist sharing a link to an insanely simple toffee recipe that produces wonderful results.  Ingredients?  Butter, sugar, a bit of salt.  (Stop cringing, I never claimed it was good for you.  It's toffee.)  I seriously recommend this recipe if a) you... Continue Reading →

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